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Pushpa Movie Review and Rating

12th Dec, 2023 | 11 PM
Pushpa part 1 movie review

The highly anticipated film, “Pushpa-The Rise,” starring the iconic Allu Arjun and directed by Sukumar, has finally graced the silver screen today. Let’s delve into the evaluation of this cinematic offering.

Pushpa Movie Plot

Set against the backdrop of the Seshachalam forest, the narrative revolves around the enigmatic world of the red sandalwood mafia. It portrays the journey of an ordinary sandalwood laborer named Pushpa Raj (Allu Arjun), who, through a series of events, ascends to become the leader of an illicit syndicate. This transformation forms the crux of the story.

Pushpa Movie Performances

Undoubtedly, Allu Arjun emerges as the linchpin of this action-packed venture. His portrayal of Pushpa Raj, complete with rustic transformation and authentic Chittor dialect, lends credibility to the proceedings. Bunny’s relentless dedication and hard work in bringing the character of a sandalwood smuggler to life are evident on screen. His mannerisms and electrifying presence breathe vitality into even the most mundane and unengaging sequences.

Heroine Rashmika Mandanna, although saddled with a poorly designed character, delivers a decent performance. However, the chemistry between her and Allu Arjun lacks the freshness one might have anticipated. Malayalam actor Fahad Faisal’s appearance is commendable, but unfortunately, his potential is not fully realized.

Sunil, portraying the main antagonist, fits his role aptly. His transformation into a morally ambiguous Sandalwood syndicate leader adds depth to the narrative. Kannada actor Dhanunjay effectively inhabits his character, despite limited screen time. On the other hand, host-turned-actress Anasuya’s character fails to leave a significant impact.

Pushpa Movie Technical Aspects

While Devi Sri Prasad delivers a decent musical score, his background music leaves room for improvement. Except for the hero’s introduction and a fight sequence in the second half, Devi’s background score fails to make a lasting impression. Sound mixing and VFX work are notably disappointing, marking a significant drawback for the movie.

Cinematographer Miroslaw’s work stands out, beautifully capturing the natural forest locations. However, the editing by Karthika Srinivas-Ruben falls short of expectations.

The production values for this star-studded film are opulent, and the production design is commendable.

Pushpa Movie Analysis

Directed by Sukumar, “Pushpa-The Rise” marks the third collaboration between the star actor and director. With sky-high expectations from their partnership, the film opens on a promising note in the first half. However, the latter half succumbs to unnecessary clichés and slow-paced sequences, leading to a loss of impact as the climax approaches.

Sukumar’s decision to introduce sluggish elements in the second half dilutes the audience’s interest, deterring from what could have been a riveting presentation with a brisk screenplay and memorable moments to live up to the immense hype.

In summary, “Pushpa-The Rise” primarily shines as an Allu Arjun showcase, featuring him in a massy avatar like never before. While his magnetic on-screen presence is a visual treat, the film falters due to a lack of gripping storytelling and an unengaging screenplay.

Pushpa Movie Verdict

“Allu Arjun’s screen presence is dominant and captivating!”

Pushpa Movie Rating

The rating for the movie “Pushpa-The Rise” is 5 out of 10.

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