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Kushi Movie Review & Rating

01st Oct, 2023 | 05 PM
Kushi Movie Review & Rating

Kushi emerges as one of the most highly anticipated cinematic offerings, primarily due to the inclusion of Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha in pivotal roles. The motion picture, having made its debut today, invites you to peruse our comprehensive critique.


In the narrative, we are introduced to Viplav (portrayed by Vijay Deverakonda), an employee of the esteemed BSNL. He finds himself entangled in a profound romance with Aradhya (enacted by Samantha). However, the trajectory of their relationship takes a momentous turn when they exchange vows, and the intricacies of parenthood surface. Complicating matters further, their families hail from disparate religious backgrounds, thereby exacerbating the strains in their interpersonal bonds. The essence of the film lies in unraveling how this couple surmounts the myriad challenges that matrimony presents.

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Artistic Deliveries

Vijay Devarakonda, returning to the romantic genre after a considerable hiatus, slips effortlessly into the role of a passionate lover. Equally, he adeptly portrays the character of a disillusioned spouse with a high degree of conviction. Samantha, on the other hand, secures the most prominent role and delivers a performance worthy of acclaim. Her on-screen chemistry with Vijay is a notable highlight. Murali Sharma’s portrayal of Gorman earns commendation, and Sachin Khedekar’s contribution is impeccably neat. The supporting cast features the likes of Lakshmi, Rahul Ramakrishna, and others, all of whom offer commendable contributions.

Technical Proficiency

One of the most striking aspects of the film is the musical composition crafted by the maestro Hesham Abdul Wahab. The melodic compositions seamlessly intertwine with the narrative fabric, adding depth to the storytelling. The film maintains decent production values throughout its runtime. The cinematography in the initial half deserves special mention, as it serves as a standout feature. The dialogue and production design add a layer of sophistication to the viewing experience. While the editing could have been more meticulous, particularly in the first-half fight sequences, the screenplay holds its ground. Shiva Nirvana’s writing, though serviceable, does not reach extraordinary heights.

Critical Appraisal

Shiva Nirvana, the creative force behind the earlier venture “Tuck Jagadish,” returns with another romantic drama in the form of “Kushi.” The narrative’s simplicity is overshadowed by the exceptional presentation that captivates viewers. The initial half exudes a romantic ambiance, while the latter half immerses the audience in a well-executed emotional family drama. The central conflict is both engaging and relatable, striking a chord with contemporary families.

The narrative’s neutrality in presenting the resolution is a testament to its finesse. The second-half conflict is skillfully escalated. Nevertheless, the film is not without its drawbacks—it tends towards predictability and occasionally revisits moments reminiscent of its cinematic predecessors. Nonetheless, the charisma of Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha elevates the film, making it a compelling watch.

The emotional dynamics of the second half are portrayed with finesse. However, the climax does feel somewhat rushed, particularly in the manner in which the revelations and realizations unfold among the protagonist’s family members. Despite these minor hiccups, “Kushi” offers a palette of melodious tunes, humorous interludes in the first half, and heartwarming family sequences. To truly savor the film, one must overlook its occasional predictability.

Final Verdict

In summation, “Kushi” unfolds a familiar narrative of matrimonial complexities. Yet, it is the scintillating chemistry between Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha that sets it apart. While the film experiences fleeting troughs, they are eclipsed by the peaks of this family-centric drama. In my estimation, it warrants a rating of 3/5.

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