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Radhika Apte LOCKED In At The Airport For Hours; Shares A Video and Pics

14th Jan, 2024 | 05 PM
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Radhika Apte had a harrowing experience with airport hospitality this morning. The actress arrived at the airport at around 8 a.m. and was stuck there for several hours until noon or possibly even later. She took to her Instagram account to share the entire incident, along with a video and pictures.

You must read it:

“I had to share this experience! This morning, I was supposed to board a flight at 8:30. However, it’s now 10:50 and the flight has still not taken off. What’s more concerning is that the flight attendants put all the passengers in the aerobridge and locked the doors, even though the crew hadn’t boarded the plane yet. This means that passengers with small babies and elderly people have been stuck inside for over an hour. The security staff won’t open the doors and the airline staff has no idea what’s going on. Apparently, the crew had a change, and they are still waiting for a new crew, but nobody knows when they will arrive. The airline staff kept insisting that there was no issue or delay, even though we were all locked inside. We were just informed that we will be waiting until at least 12 pm. We have no access to water or restrooms, and we’re all stuck here together. This has been a frustrating and uncomfortable experience.”

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