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Kantara (2022) | 13377x
2h 28m


Action, Drama, Thriller, Adventure

Kantara is a 2022 adventure drama thriller film released in Hindi, English, and Kannada languages. Check out movie reviews, teaser, trailer, cast & crew, photos, songs, lyrics & video of Kantara on


Depicting the third incarnation of the Supreme God Vishnu on earth, known as Varaha avatar, this narrative revolves around a forest tribal community devoted to Varaha. They hold Bhootha Kola, a divine dance native to coastal Karnataka, as a sacred performance for Rudra, the gatekeeper of the community and protector of every devotee of Lord Varaha against evil spirits, both living and dead. The promise made by ancestors is on the verge of being broken due to the greed for materialistic gains. The ancient King had struck a deal with demigods for peace, and this pact is now under threat.

With a powerful storyline, every actor delivers an excellent performance against a raw backdrop that beautifully showcases the traditional practices of coastal Karnataka. The narrative unfolds in an ultimate showdown between good and evil, exploring themes of devotion, ancestral promises, and the struggle against the temptations of materialism.

Movie info

Movie Name - Kantara
Release Date - 30 September, 2022
Genre - Action, Drama, Thriller, Adventure
Verdict - Blockbuster
Total Collection - ₹407.82 crores

Main Leads

Boman irani 13377x. To (1)
Rishab Shetty

Other Casts

Kishore Kumar...
Achyuth Kumar
Achyuth Kumar

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