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Yaariyan 2 (2023) - Poster
2h 2m

Yaariyan 2

Comedy, Drama

"Yaariyan 2" chronicles the journeys of cousins Shikhar, Ladli, and Bajrang in Mumbai, delving into Ladli's troubled marriage, Bajju's heartbreak in love, and Shikhar's unexpected friendship with Ikroor. As they navigate life's challenges, their paths intersect, leading to heartwarming transformations in this exploration of friendship, love, and human connections.


This story follows the journeys of three cousins, Shikhar, Ladli, and Bajrang, as they navigate their adventures, dreams, and self-discovery in Mumbai. Ladli’s troubled marriage to Abhay and her discovery of his past love story, which leads to their divorce, form a central part of the narrative. Meanwhile, Bajju experiences heartbreak in his quest for love, and Shikhar, facing a ban from bike racing, finds solace in his work and an unexpected friendship with Ikroor, a paraplegic girl. Shikhar’s participation in a Dirt Bike Championship becomes a turning point, leading to the realization of his feelings for Ikroor and a heartwarming ending where she chooses to stay with him. “Yaariyan 2” beautifully explores the themes of friendship, love, and the transformative power of human relationships.

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Movie Name - Yaariyan 2
Release Date - 20 October, 2023
Genre - Comedy, Drama

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No Review found for this movie
No Review found for this movie
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