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Mastaney (2023) Poster | 13377
2h 30m


Action, Drama, History

Mastaney (2023), Action Drama Period released in Punjabi Hindi language in theatre near you. Know about Mastaney Film reviews, lead cast & crew, photos & video song on


The story unfolds in 1739 when Nadar Shah’s powerful army faces an unexpected assault from Sikh rebels. Nadar tries to apprehend them, but his efforts prove unsuccessful. In a twist of fate, five everyday individuals are recruited to impersonate these Sikh rebels. As they continue with their ruse, they gradually gain a deeper understanding of the Sikh culture and its people.

Movie info

Movie Name - Mastaney
Release Date - 25 August, 2023
Genre - Action, Drama, History
Verdict - Super-Hit
Total Collection - ₹68.8 crores

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No Review found for this movie
No Review found for this movie
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